Saturday, 13 June 2009

The weekend...

..starts here. Dad is off to Boringham to do a gig with his group. Mam is being lazy and is still in bed at midday on Saturday. I've had a lovely morning though, been to see my gran and grandad Craig, had a little walk and have been enjoying the sunshine.

Dad was drunk last night. He judged a battle of the bands in town and had lots of free drinks. Swa, our housemate, was also drunk. My mam had had some drinks but at least I could get some sense out of her.  I enjoyed going to see Dolly and Sara in the pub too, left my damn tennisey there though, so will have to go round for it today. Perhaps my mam will take me if I bat my eyelashes at her.

Gonna read the paper now with my dad, and see what's going on in the world. Gordon Brown's leadership worries, UKIP's disgraceful election success, Iranian elections etc etc. I'm very worried about the world today, when I was a puppy things were much easier. See also, this link: I always said I didn't know when I was doing something wrong!!

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