Thursday, 11 June 2009

Today's craic

Not much has been happening today. My dad and I had a lovely lie in (see photo coming soon) then a nice walk on the civic field and played a little tennisey. My dad's been doing loads of crap stuff like playing guitar into his computer and singing along with it. He calls it demoing, i call it boring. He's been talking about Ross coming round to do more of this stuff (I'll try and get them to play with me instead by woofing consistently).

Dad's just got back from Sainsbury's: bought me some liver sausage that was on special - but im only allowed it chopped up with boring dog bicuits. He said he got into a conversation about vegetariansim with the guy on the till. I don't really know why he doesnt eat meat. It's bonkers. Cows are especially tasty: they give us delicious delicious cream and butter too. Oh well, he'll have to make do with Humous for tea, yack.

I'm gonna be in on my own for a bit tonight cos dad's going to the premier of 'We Will Rock You' the Queen musical in Sunderland. He's always banging on about Queen my dad: they're ok, Freddie's a good singer but I sometimes wish May was a little more understated. Mam's out with work so it's just me and Frida - I'm sure she'll want to play chasey. If only I had £80m: then I could afford to buy a friend like Christiano Ronaldo. He looks like he'd be good fun to race and play football with. Shit hair though.

Oh well, tra for now like. If my dad ever puts down this 'Bad Science' book I'll be out walking soon, so if you see me, say, "Hi!"...


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