Monday, 15 June 2009


Hello hello.

Well the weekend's done and dusted and it felt like a long one. From Queen to 'Battle of the Bands', Birmingham to Sunderland - my dad's never stopped whinging about not having a moment to himself. Then on bloody Sunday he went round the Ivy to sing(star) queen (see left) I was upstairs having my face scratched off by Dolly in a play fight and all I could hear was people murdering bloody Queen's hits. Awful. Sounded good fun though. John Chappell was especially good.

No Sunday dinner last night, they all left me in the house and buggered off to TayBarnes. Sly. And my dad's been out all morning demoing his new song with Dave Brewis. He well reckons himself these days. Thinks he's Joni bloody Mitchell.
Well, looks like I'll be hanging with Frida for most of the day cos my dad's off to meet his mate Slumpers for tea and I'm not invited. If there's anythin' goes on though, I'll let you guys know.
Until we speak again...
Tee Zee

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