Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Introducing...Toby Ziegler

Hi everyone! I'm Toby and I'm the fastest Shih Tzu in Sunderland. Fact. Over the next few days you'll get to know me quite well and I can entertain you all with tales of derring-do, chasing balls and annoying cats. I live with my mam Marie, dad Jaff and sister Frida (she's a cat and hates me). Also Swa, a tall gentlemen, who enjoys playing 'raggy toy' with me. I have a large extended family notably my aunties Sara and Flossie, nana Nixon and cousin Dolly (also a cat, this time my friend). I have a humble love of my uncle Monty (English Bull terrifier) and also like gran and grandad Craig - although they often just tell me Im fat and need a haircut/bath. Why aye.

I enjoy being walked around the civic field and seaburn beach. Playing tennisey and chasy. I DO NOT like the rain, the cold, silly outfits my mam and aunties dress me in, or having a bath. In the house my favourite thing to do is carry on with Frida, chase her up stairs etc etc. I also am a big fan of playing tennisey indoors...especially the game of knocking it under the settee so my dad has to get down on all fours to rake it out (I have perfected my loud bark in order to make him do this).

So yeah, that's me - this isn't a freakin CV - so anything else you wanna know about me you'll have to ask or piece together from my blog. Most of my done-deeds are on a need to know basis, but I will share with you what i can. Until tomorrow, when the narrative begins...WELCOME TO MY BLOG!

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